Interview Prep

Learn and Practice Valuable Interview Skills
Learn how to move past your nerves to present the best version of yourself in interviews.

Learn interview skills to

  • walk into each interview confident and ready to impress rather than feeling nervous and unprepared
  • build connections with your interviewer
  • highlight your accomplishments without sounding “braggy”
  • address different types of interview questions
  • showcase the fit between your skills and the company’s needs
  • come across as a competent professional in your field
  • communicate that you will be a valued member of the team
  • inspire the interview team with questions that are as memorable as your answers were

Practice with skilled interviewers.  Depending on your location and specific need, we can meet in person, via video conference, or by phone.

Receive feedback to help you build on your strengths and improve on your struggles.

Interview Prep sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes at a rate of $100. Please complete the Interview Intake Form (part of scheduling appointment) 24 hours before we meet.

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