Resume Support

Whether or not you currently have a paying job, you have skills and experiences that will help your future employer reach his or her goals.

We know the questions to ask to discover your hidden talents.  We know the experiences to highlight so that potential employers can see evidence of your hard work.  And we know the keywords and phrases to use to showcase your true value. The result is a truly personalized resume or cover letter.

Intake Procedure (for all packages):

  • Via Email, Phone, Video Chat, or In-Person Discussion
  • Please submit the following in advance or bring to our discussion:
    • Completed Intake Form (part of scheduling process)
    • Existing Resume or list of dates/company names/job titles for previous jobs
    • 3 sample job descriptions you would be interested in, and (if different)
    • Names of some companies you would like to learn more about or apply to  
Résumé Design
30-45 minute interview to determine which accomplishments and skills to highlight in your Career Documents
Resume created from notes, interview, and previous documents
Select from our templates in MicroSoft Word and pdf formats
Cover Letter $60 with résumé
LinkedIn Profile with résumé $100
We will pick out your best qualities relative to the career you want (even if it is different from the career you currently have)


  • You will receive your first draft within 5 days.
  • We will revise content, format, structure, and mechanics to your specifications, with each subsequent draft returned within 48 hours.

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Resume writing is both an art and a science. I have the combination of creativity and research skills required to make you look excellent on paper. As your resume writer, I will find your strengths and make them pop when potential employers look at your career documents.

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