Revise and Advise

You may have a résumé and cover letter that seems almost good enough to submit, but stakes are high. You want another set of eyes on it before submitting.

You may have been asked to submit a statement of interest, statement of purpose, or personal statement along with your application, but you may not feel confident that you’ve captured the essence of everything you want to share.

This revise and advise service provides proofreading, revision, and advice on an already written résumé and cover letter, Statement of Interest, Statement of Purpose, or Personal Statement, such as those required for graduate school applications. Includes 2 rounds of revisions/advice so that we can look over the original draft together, discuss suggestions for improvement, and reconvene to get a polished final version. Both rounds consist of a 20 minute phone/video call or email with detailed annotations/comments. Pricing is $75.

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