Ashley Dolecki
Certified Professional Resume Writer | Certified Employment Interview Coach | Certified Professional Career Coach

I enjoy helping people find careers that they will love. I find the entire process extremely satisfying: everything from interviewing clients, to researching careers that will build on their skills, to crafting high-quality résumés that show why their experiences are a great match to the careers they seek.

Three things that make a particularly good fit for this role are seeing the best in people, asking the right questions to discover their achievements, and really listening to their answers. At the end of our calls, clients often report increased confidence, saying that they never realized they had so many transferable skills.

My other particular strength for career coaching is research. Many résumé writers know how to write a solid résumé. But what will really make you stand out is a targeted résumé that shows why you are a great fit for a particular role. Before writing your résumé and cover letter, I will research some of the jobs you are interested in to learn specifically what those employers want to see from applicants. This personalized approach is the way I support my clients through job searches and career shifts, and it is why I call my company Custom Career Coach. See some sample résumés and our blog entry on career transition for examples of how this can work for you.

I have pursued education and professional development to hone these skills. I hold a Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology. As a high school teacher, I have also accumulated a great deal of experience supporting others on their journey from school to work. I have completed training programs and successfully completed assessments to earn the following certifications through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches: Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, and Certified Professional Career Coach.   


Custom Career Coach has been selected as a Best Resume Writing Service in Fort Worth, TX for 2021-2023!

Call 817-752-5458, fill in our contact form,  or email connect@customcareercoach.com to work with me. You can also learn more about these services here.  It’s never too late — or too early — to pursue the career of your dreams!

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