FAQs about Resumes, Interviews, and Career Coaching
Frequently Asked Questions about Career Development

How do I know what careers will be a good fit? 

We use the Strong Interest Inventory to learn about your career interests.  We use a ranking activity to determine how your work values align with these interests, and we narrow down your search from literally thousands of careers to a more manageable number that you would like to learn more about.

I’m in high school. Won’t my counselor help me choose and prepare for a career? 

Counselors work hard to help their students learn about and prepare for success after graduation.  However, the average school counselor works with 482 students each year. In addition to career preparation, school counselors assist students with social and emotional needs, make and adjust class schedules, serve on student committees, take an active role in preventing students from dropping out of school, and handle a variety of other student and staff needs.  Career prep cannot always be their top priority, but it will always be ours.

Why would I pay someone to create a resume for me when I can use a template to create my own? 

In much the same way that you can cut your own hair, cater your own parties,  sew your own clothes, and repair your own plumbing…you can create your own resume.  Plenty of free templates are available online.  There are some great books on the subject, and your friends and family can help you proofread the document you create.

Even so, you may find that you would like to hire a professional to take care of this for you. We have a natural ability to see the best in people, and we are skilled at guiding others to see the same.  We have read scores of books, researched best practices for resume writing, passed certification tests, and committed thousands of hours to learning what employers want.  We will build a professional looking resume in a fraction of the time that it would take you to make one.

You will save a great deal of time and stress — and you will be more pleased with the results — when you hire a career professional.

What if I need to update my resume in the future? 

After your resume is created, you will receive electronic copies in both Word and pdf format.  We will make small changes for no charge, or you can make them on your own.  If we need to add new jobs or make other major changes down the road, we can discuss the need for additional work and agree to a fair price.

How does this work?  How long will it take?

We need to collect some information from you before we begin writing your resume, helping you prepare for an interview, or supporting you as you find your next favorite career.  These are the basic steps:

  • Collect basic information
    • The field you are interested in, the companies you would like to work for, and where you are in your career (starting out, changing, moving on or moving up).
  • Research
    • We dive in and discover what employers in your particular area want to see.
    • We ask you to do a little research and prep for our meeting.
      1. All of the following are helpful: your most recent resume, a few job postings from positions similar to the one you want, information about things you’ve done since your previous resume was written (including dates when possible).
      2. We also have some questions about your accomplishments and career highlights that you can think through before we meet, but you do not need to write out your responses. We’ll talk about them together.
  •  Meet (In Person or Virtually)
    • We’ll talk about what makes you awesome and how we’re going to prove that to your potential employers.
    • We can do this in person, by phone, or via online chat or video chat. 
  • Specific to Resume Writing
    • We will send you a first draft of your resume within 5 days of our first meeting.  You tell us what you want to change (style, content, tone, word choice…just let us know).  We change it and send you a revised document. We repeat this process up to 5 times or for 2 weeks to make sure you are happy with the result.  Then you we send you an invoice, and then the final document.

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